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Best Green Drink Ever

If you're looking for the fountain of youth then look no further... Our green elixir is the answer.

  • 1Very high source of anti-oxidants.
  • 2Absorb the powerful energy of the sun.
  • 3Detoxify pollutants and reverse aging.

Welcome to Living Organics

The harmonious relationship between the body, mind and spirit is essential to living a highly vibrant life. The amount of stress our body is subjected to on a daily basis can lead to major imbalances and reduce our vibrancy. That's why we took into consideration all three areas when we developed our longetivity elixir. Give your body the gift of happiness today with our uniquely formulated green drinks. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

  • Detoxify your Body and Life
  • Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul
  • Harmonize and Energize the Spirit

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Why Go Green?

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    Sun Energy

    There would be no life without the sun. As energetic beings, we are literally made out of sun energy. A great source of that energy is chlorophyll-rich organic greens which is considered liquid sunshine.

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    Organic Chlorophyll

    • Concentrated Sun Energy
    • Powerful Anti-oxidant
    • Anti-inflammatory Properties
    • Detoxify & Neutralizes Free Radicals
    • Increases Oxygen Absorption

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    Organic Greens

    We use organic alfalfa (rich in magnesium) and nettles (rich in iron). Both are beneficial to anyone with anemia, allergies, inflamed tissue, respiratory or arthritic conditions, and skin problems.

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    Mother Nature

    Compromise is not an option with us. All of our ingredients come directly from mother nature. We say "NO" to GMO! We source all of our ingredients from small organic farms. Only the best for our customers.

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    Please Recycle

    All of our bottles are recyclable. Everything we do at Living Organics honors the philosophy and practice of "Seventh Generation" decision-making. We believe in long-term sustainability and saving the planet. Thank you for recycling.

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    Perfect Gift

    Give the gift of green today! Green foods are perhaps the most healing foods on the planet, and the single most important addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you know someone that can benefit from more energy then consider sharing our green drinks with them as a gift!

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Happy Customers


Every day, we receive emails and letters from happy customers from all around the Country. It's honor and reward in itself to know that we have impacted so many lives with our products. Below are a couple of testimonials we handpicked from the many we've received. Thank you for your support.

I Love Your Products!
18 January 2011
Submitted by Jesus Cespedes
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Working a full-time job can be draining...especially if you work at a very busy medical center. I'm constantly dealing with patients all day and all night. It was difficult adapting and managing my hectic work schedule because I didn't have the energy. I credit Living Organic's amazing products for providing me with the energy I needed to make it through the day and night. Kudos to you guys!

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Happiness in a Bottle
21 January 2012
Submitted by Jennifer Hodges
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You guys have created something way better than the fountain of youth! When my friends ask me what I'm drinking, I always tell them that it's liquid happiness, because it makes me feel great every time I down a bottle. Your products have become my best friend. I take it to work; to the gym; to the park; to the library. It goes wherever I go. Thank you for making my life better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Living Organics Green Drink?
Living Organics Green Drink is an all natural health beverage straight from nature. All of the ingredients in our formulation are certified organic which means that it's free of pesticides, larvicides, fungicides and GMO ingredients.

What are the benefits of Living Organics Green Drink?
We utilize the energy of the sun in every bottle. Expect an increase in energy, enhanced detoxification and a boost in your immune system.

Can I use this as a meal replacement?
The reason most people are hungry is because they're dehydrated. Living Organic Green Drinks not only hydrate but also provides minerals and all 8 essential amino acids to keep the body running optimally. We actually have customers that use our products for fasting. Please consult with your doctor or physician if you plan to fast with our products.

What is the shelf life?
Our drinks last about 45 days from their manufactured date. Each bottle has the expiration date printed on it for your convenience.

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